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Loan Purpose: Tailoring

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Location: Ghandhi Gramam 4km away from Batticaloa town.
Business: Individual business loan

Miss. Perera Nirosha is a tailor, working in her home. She has been growing her business steadily with the help of micro loans.

She says: "I am Miss. Perera Nirosha from the village of Ghandhi Gramam in the Batticaloa District. Since our family is living in abject poverty, I was compelled to discontinue my education and learn to sew at a local institute. I could have joined a tailoring shop as a daily paid labourer, but one of my friends told me that a daily paid labourers at tailoring shops were poorly paid.

I was unable to start business of my own because I did not have the funds to invest in a sewing machine. Then one day I came to know that YMCA was granting loans to women to empower them economically. I approached the Field Officers of the Batticaloa YMCA and explained my plight. They explained the Terms & Conditions for granting loans and provided me with a loan of Rs.20,000.00 with which I purchased a sewing Machine.

I am now stitching clothes on orders from customers in the village. I charge Rs. 200.00 for stitching one set of Salwar Kamize. I am able to make about Rs.300.00 per day in my trade. I get plenty of orders from my friends and villagers. I am happy to say that I have repaid the loan in full and am able to meet the daily expenses without falling in debt. I am also able to look after my ailing Grandmother with the income earned.

I am expecting to obtain a second loan of Rs.10,000.00 to purchase textiles and stitch clothing to be sold during the forthcoming Hindu and Christian festivals at higher prices."

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